Reading comments and wondering what I’m missing…

Yesterday I commented favorably on the header, revised version, of

Today I read all the comments on the changes made to the image to improve it (or at least improve it from the perspective of those commenting on the earlier larger image) and discovered that I really did not grasp or notice the changes the author made from the first to second version.

Both were beautiful to me; either one would be superb in my view.  I seem to be a words, i.e., content person, insensitive to graphic issues that are not directly related to content.  Am I alone in this?  Aesthetically challenged?  I recognize that a blog devoted largely to photographs or artworks requires of the author, for his or her own satisfaction, whatever the reader’s response.  What I don’t get is how changes influence blogs not primarily concerned with works of art.

While on the subject, my own title appears to be unalterable in size or font.  My header photo is not the recommended size.  I have no idea if those things can be changed, but my experiments have failed to this point.

Suggestions on “sensitivity,” title size and font, “header optimal size” will be much appreciated.


One thought on “Reading comments and wondering what I’m missing…

  1. I hear you I am a content person also. But the graphics draw the eye so I think it is important to have a graphic imagine in the header..I am new at this but I have found some of the wordpress themes have graphic headers for free. So you don’t even have to upload and crop your own picture.And I do think font size is important I am continually playing around with fonts. I happen to like the look of Italic fonts.


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