Late “Why I’m here…”

If my thinking is strong enough on the subjects that interest me most, national security, civil liberties, intelligence agencies and related issues, secrecy, law, and, perhaps later in the cycle, contemporary politics in the US, I would like to present my views publicly for criticism.

While I don’t agree with everything (most things) there and I’m certainly not as well qualified to comment as its contributors are, my model, if I have one, is Lawfare, a Brookings Institution site.

Prior to a recent “remodeling,” it was a modified WP blog.  It may still be for all I know.  It is the earlier version that moved me to take this course, along with my regular blog which has never amounted to much, in part because my knowledge of WP is so weak.  Lawfare’s “surveillance” topic is  here:

“Surveillance” topic at Lawfare

My views are somewhat “contrarian,” on my topics although not entirely so.  More to the point, they tend toward thinking that “the truth,” whatever it is, is understandable, often, like the devil, found in the details, and is either logically so or requiring greater exploration and elaboration.

The other reason for being here is that WP obviously offers much more than I know how to use advantageously and I didn’t find any other way to learn about it that seemed as likely to prove understandable as this WP course.

Since I’ve gotten a late start on the course, I’ve already learned a lot from the course and the participants.  Thanks to all.


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